Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Titus Racer X: Retired

I swear it's a perfect fit.  12/07/07

I have to reunite with the Titus before I can put any words together.08/12/2008

Despite all efforts to avoid conflict and mitigate the frequency of assaults, in the end the rider must succumb to the savage nature of his surroundings and procure himself a shiv.  I prefer the Titus Racer X. 08/29/2008

It is time to lay my sword of righteousness down and pick up my one true weapon- the fully automatic Titus Racer-X. This year in honor of sweet victory it will read "This machine kills fascists" along the top tube. 11/06/2008

I'm staring over the next few days like the unengaged battlefield, polishing the grey gun-metal of my Titus Racer X.  1/12/2011

The Titus Racer X is secreted away in the trunk of a rented Impala like a doomed starlet.1/25/2011

I have been riding the Dogboy's spare 29'er for weeks and the Titus was headed for the dustbin of history. 10/24/2011
The Titus tracks like a laser and I jumped from wheel to wheel like a red sucker fish. 12/30/2011

I just finished cleaning the Titus stem to stern. It is beginning to show some wear and tear. I can tell we are now in the sweet zone where everything works, it fits like a pair of skinny jeans, and I can't imagine life without this bike. This is a sure sign that it is probably in its last year before the unraveling begins. 3/12/2012

I already own the greatest modern mountain bike available, the Titus Racer X for which I am most humbly thankful. 3/15/2012

It might be time to sell the Titus. 3/19/2012

Officially de-commissioned this day, June 20, 2012.



Velosopher said...

Does this mean the new guard has arrived? Do tell!

Juancho said...

Not yet! Let's let the sun set on the dead before we look to tomorrow.

In other words, I'm still on the loaner.

Magnum said...

Killearn? 29ers? "couples night"?

Who are you, and what have you done with Juancho?

Juancho said...

Who said anything about Killearn?